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6th Mar 2023, 9:08 AM



Hey all! 

I'm finally using the blog posts so I can tell people more about what I'm doing with this comic. 
 I probably shoud have done that a bit ago when I started this comic, but I wasn't as active as I am now. 

I'm getting back into the grove with updating my side comics.  Today, I made an update on this one and I plan to make another sometime this week or next. I'm so close to having everything I had out fully remastered, so I've been pushing myself to get to the point to where I can push out new content.  

Hopefully, that'll be in the next two months.

Bill on the Kill was the last chapter I had out before I decided to remaster this series. I love working on this comic, as Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite book of mine and I'm excited to put a new spin on it. 

Enjoy your day!


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